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Paws in the Vineyard

Thursday, October 11, 2012

 Paws in the Vineyard




CARE is deeply grateful to Clark Trim and Henrik Thostrup and their staff at Colonial Wine and Spirits, 11200 West Markham Street, Little Rock; Stefano, Stephano's Fine Art Gallery, 5501 Kavanaugh, Little Rock; Trinity United Methodist Church, 1101 North Mississippi Street, Little Rock; the CARE staff and volunteers; and all of the local distributors who made Paws in the Vineyard 2012, held October 11, such a great success!

We also thank each one of our wonderful patrons who attended.

The weather was almost as lovely as Clark and Henrik's home. The food and wine were unbelievable, the company was grand, and the genuine hospitality of our hosts was a treat. We are so appreciative of EVERYONE who made Paws in the Vineyard possible.

Stephano's portrait of CARE's currently adoptable dog, COPPER, was created at the event and wonderfully interprets its subject's handsome face and poignant expression. The portrait was donated by Stephano for silent auction, and has been gifted by its new owner to CARE headquarters, 5516 Kavanaugh -- so please, come see!

Because Clark, Henrik, Stephano, and the distributors were so generous, every dollar raised at the event goes directly to support CARE's mission! Paws in the Vineyard 2012 was a wonderful evening to be remembered!

Paws in the Vineyard 2012 Flyer